Rachel started teaching Pilates to remove herself from corporate America and not be in an office anymore. When she considered teaching Pilates she was excited to work directly with people, one on one, to have the connection with the end consumer. After she took a few Pilates classes there was no doubt she wanted to teach the Pilates method. She really enjoyed the classes and how she felt afterwards. She was more aware of her body and posture.

She continues to teach Pilates because there’s so much to learn even after studying the exercises. Pilates is about more than exercises, or shapes, or poses; it’s about movement and having the freedom to move. It’s about being in control of your body when you can’t control other things.

Rachel became a Pilates instructor to help others in more ways than one. Rachel’s goal is for clients to leave a Pilates class feeling relaxed and empowered in their own bodies. Rachel loves teaching Pilates because it helps clients understand how their body moves, and connects them with their mind and spirit. She has personally seen it improve her posture, give balance and grace, relieve stress and bring calm, and help with running.

Rachel trained with Debby Orlando from Park View Pilates, a program that is highly recognized and created by Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel who established The Pilates Center (Boulder, CO). The program is very extensive and focuses on observation hours, practice teaching hours, knowing and performing the exercises, exams, and anatomy which helps create well rounded Pilates instructors. After completing her 600 hour certification she passed the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) exam which recognizes her as a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.

The PMA is the professional association for Pilates teachers. The mission of the PMA is to promote and perpetuate the teachings of Joseph H and Clara Pilates. In order to become nationally certified Rachel passed an exam administered by a third party after meeting the requirements of 450 training hours of lecture self study, assisted teaching hours, and knowledge and skill of mat and all apparatus (chair, tower, Cadillac, reformer, barrels, and many more accessories).

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