I began teaching Pilates in 2014 to remove myself from corporate America and not be in an office anymore. After taking a few Pilates classes there was no doubt I wanted to teach the Pilates method. I really enjoyed the classes and how I felt afterwards. I trained with Debby Orlando from Park View Pilates, a program created by The Pilates Center. The program focuses on observation, practice teaching, knowing and performing the exercises, exams, and anatomy which creates well rounded Pilates instructors. This program prepared me for the PMA exam to become a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.

Teaching Pilates is fun because there’s so much to learn even after studying the exercises. Pilates is about more than exercises, or shapes, or poses; it’s about movement and having the freedom to move. It’s about being in control of your body when you can’t control other things. I enjoy teaching Pilates to work directly with people, one on one, to build these connections.

Pilates improves my posture, gives balance and grace, relieves stress and brings calm.