Hi! I’m Rachel Thompson and my Pilates journey began 2013. I was an avid runner racing in half marathons and training for a full marathon. My goals changed after I had knee pain throughout a 10K race. The pain was so persistent that I went to a sports doctor and he told me my core was weak. By strengthening my core I would relieve the knee pain. After taking a few Pilates classes to strengthen my core, there was no doubt Pilates was something to continue. 

Pilates is life changing! It’s given me strength and confidence that I’ve never found with other workouts. I felt like I was in shape until I tried Pilates. It’s a whole different spectrum which makes it exciting and lifelong. There’s no end game, it’s continuous process that helps overcome life’s challenges and changes. I love to learn which is why I love Pilates. It never feels the same, despite practicing 4-5 times a week and it’s fun!

I completed my training with The Pilates Center in 2016. After completing this program I took the PMA exam and became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. I decided to begin the training for the Masters program in 2019 to further develop my teaching skills as an instructor and student.

Pilates with Rachel