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Rachel’s Story

Before Pilates, I was very active and busy. I used to dance 4 times a week until college. After college, I wanted to remain active and lose weight. I was uncomfortable with how my body looked and how I felt about myself. 

My friend asked me to run a 5K and I signed up! I enjoyed it and began running more and more races. During a 10K, I had persistent knee pain that led me to see a doctor who sent me to physical therapy. 

After physical therapy, I looked for something to give me consistent practice in addition to running. When I was training for races I always heard ‘do cross-training like Pilates, Yoga, or Swimming’ and never listened. I started Pilates after PT to strengthen my core. Little did I know, it would give me so much more. 

As I began to work with my instructor one on one, I dove deeper into myself. I learned I was holding onto pain for no reason. Or I would focus on negative thoughts keeping me in a pain loop. Pilates is more than exercises. It’s a way of life that gives me the strength to do things I’ve never done before. It gives me courage when cooking. 

Looking back, when I started running I was running from myself. Pilates brought me back to my emotional and physical self.

When I worked in customer service, I craved a deeper connection with the customer. I was the middle man. This is what led me to teach Pilates: to work one on one. To listen to your needs and provide consistency and fun with movement.

Mission of Pilates with Rachel

My Mission is for people to move without pain and have the strength and confidence to do everyday physical activities.

Rachel Thompson’s Teaching Background

The Pilates Center – 2016.

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher– 2017-present.

Masters program– started in 2019

About Rachel
Rachel enjoying plants at home.

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